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Dive, Explore,Adventure....Scuba Diving and Water Sports in Devbag and Tarkali 

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Sulochana Boating provides Homestay, Nightsafar, Watersports & Scubadiving, having more then 25+ years of Experience. 

Scuba Diving

Professional Trainer with HD Photograph.

PADi Certification

Training by PADI Dive master


Unlimited watersport adventure.


Experience the bird’s eye view of the hypnotizing surround


Hotels and Home Stay


Car Rental Service, Tourist Car Booking Service

Adventure services

Once you are inside the magical underwater world, you will come across a plethora of fishes, skates, sea turtles, shellfish, dolphins and exotic and colorful corals. You'll get all kinds of certified diving packages here, pick the one which suits you the most.


Scuba Diving & PADI 

Relax while photographing brightly colored tropical fish, be thrilled by the power and grace of a school of sharks, or make a living working underwater.


Water Sports

Package of multiple rides including Jet Ski, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride, Kayaking, Water Scooter. We also provide adventures Parasailing service.


Home Stay & Travel

Beautiful cottages and villas managed in systematic manner and give you the best of our hospitality. We also provide travel services for individual and groups.


Scuba Diving

Scuba diving experience in Tarkarli should be on everyone's list of must-visit places. So people hold on your excitement as this Scuba diving experience at Sulochana Boating Services gonna be a lifetime experience for you.

Why Scuba Diving in Tarkarli?

Scuba diving in Goa is costlier than Scuba diving in Tarkarli. Travel agents in Goa transfer their tourist to Tarkarli due to more joyful ride and fair charges in Tarkarli.

Join us to experience a poised and worldwide water sports and Scuba diving in Tarkarli! 

There is a plethora of aquatic adventure underwater waiting for you to explore them. Not just colorful and pretty fishes will catch your eyes, the enormous plant life, different shapes of stones, coral reefs, and the golden sand will leave you in awe. All this is possible at one special adventure of scuba Diving.

Scuba Diving Packages

Experience the best scuba diving in Tarkarli at the best Locations. Dive with Professional Instructors and Staff. Check the Latest Prices, Scuba Diving Coupons, and deals


First Time Divers

Everyone can dive, all you need is the curiosity and the enthusiasm. “YOU DON’T NEED TO BE A SWIMMER TO ENJOY SCUBA”

Decide on where you want to go depending on Budgets, Diving Seasons or simply on the days you can get away for.
Go ahead... The Blue is the Limit!


Certified Divers

Section of these Advance courses need Confined Water (pool) training, the bulk of the course needs to be completed in Open Water conditions.

Pricing Plans

Scuba Combo pack
Scuba & Watersport

Scuba Diving
Jetski Ride
Banana Ride
Bumper Ride

Deep Scuba Combo
Scuba & Watersport

Deep Scuba Diving
Jetski Ride
Bumper Ride
Banana Ride
Underwater Photo & Video

Discover Scuba 
Our Recommended

Discover Diving
Shallow Water Training
JetSki Ride
Bumper & Banana Ride
Underwater Photo & Video

Scuba Combo 

Depth 10 to 12 ft
Dive time 15 min

Deep Scuba

Deep scuba diving 
Depth 25 to 30 ft
Dive time 30 min

Discover Scuba (PRO)

One training dive in shallow water, followed by deep open water dive Depth 40 to 45 ft
Dive time 60 min per dive 
Wetsuit, full scuba equipment set.

Summer Discount Packages

Book summer special packages at affordable price.

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Discover Scuba is best of three packages. First and foremost we have theoretical class. Second we conduct confined water training classes in shallow depths or pools. And finally open water training in the sea.

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Scuba diving in Tarkarli is one of the famous adventurous places. You will find visibility of corals very fine at Tarkarli scuba diving. While experiencing scuba diving in Tarkarli you will be able to see different type of shells and beautiful marine as well. Also, you will get a chance to be a part of wonderful fishes’ shoal (school of fishes). Tarkarli has one of the best and peaceful beaches to relax on to white sand and can spend time at sea shore. Your diving experience becomes unforgettable. You will not return without lovely memories from Tarkarli.

In order to go for scuba diving in Tarkarli we have professional PADI certified trainers, who will help you to be there deep underwater and guide you to be a part of exploring aquatic marine life. No need to worry if you are non-swimmer, as we provide you with tested diving kit and our instructors will be there with you till you complete your diving. So, we are On from October till May.

At Sulochana Boating, you are offered with a combo package as aforementioned. This deal of scuba Diving with Watersports package includes Jetski, bumper ride, Banana ride, parasailing & Speedboat. You need not worry about the safety measures as all the Watersports and other activities are performed under the supervision of our trained experts. It is available for everyone above the age of 10..

Equipment Rental
Training in the swimming pool/shallow water
An instructor-supervised dive in the open sea.(Approx 15 Min.)
Bislery Water and Cold Drinks Available
Photos, Video's

Bathing Suit
Comfortable Footwear
Extra clothing

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Discover scuba diving is one of the best scuba diving in which you get one training dive and one open water dive ,the dive time is 40 minutes per dive.

Sulochana Boating Services

Sulochana Boating Services

Join us to experience a poised and worldwide water sports and Scuba diving in Tarkarli!

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